Wednesday, December 16, 2009

wave goodbye

Today I couldn't think, I could only cry. So I got on my bicycle and peddled and peddled, until I found myself at the seaside. The sea was silver-blue, a mirror reflection of the white winter sky. I took off my shoes and walked along the shoreline, the ice water splashing at my ankles. I walked for a long time, taking in my surroundings, seeing what there is to see. I saw sail boats sailing peacefully on the horizon, bright sunrays peaking through the clouds like God. I saw people walking and running, and even locked eyes with a guy in a green hoodie skating on an electric skateboard with his two dogs running along at his side. After a while I went a sat down on the sand. I had so many thoughts and yet had none. I felt myself sinking; into my thoughts, into the sand, into a depression. I let the wind blow away anything I was feeling. I took out my book and read. A few hours went by, and I felt like I should head home. I biked back home, and as I turned the key in the front gate of my house, I looked up to the sky and felt the rain.

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