Saturday, December 5, 2009

shine like millions

I feel like a leper. I am an island, and I am stranded on it. I am succumbing to addiction, as is the rest of the free world. All though j'adore books, and sometimes think my methods to be old-school, I find myself entangled in the web. The ultra fast, super revolutionized, World Wide Web. Don't fear for my health though, I'll surely rehabilitate when the weather clears up.

My brother's Thrash-Metal band, Beerage (, has been featured in a Swedish metal magazine. They actually answered each question in the interview with an entire paragraph, going into dates and detail-overload. I gave him some interview advice for the next time, tips about being savvy and cynical. And basically keeping it short, and narrowing it down to catch-phrases. When his band gets blown-up and shitfaced-famous, his die-hard fans will dig up this old teenage interview and laugh their heads off. In the meantime I doubt anyone will survive through the third question.

I just came back from a standard house party. It was the usual; people, music, drinks. I'm not supposed to drink alcohol, since the kissing disease affects your liver. It's quite refreshing seeing the scenario through sober eyes. Anyway, a friend of mine who was recently recruited to the army as a combat soldier was telling me how at the base he doesn't seem to feel the urge to, well, fuck. "I wake up, and it's just not up!" he explained. He found out that they put soda in the food, to prevent morning boners. "But when we get home on the weekends, everything just goes back to normal," he ensured. While they are at it, they should spike the girls' food with something to stop their periods. It would just make things a bit less messy.

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