Sunday, December 20, 2009

floating islands

Oh shite, I am Lady gagging too. I thought I had somehow avoided this international obsession but ah, what the heck, she's freaky and I like it.

Yesterday I saw Avatar in 3D, and I was surprise to find it completely awesome. It's clich̩d fantasy and as far from reality as you can get, but somehow I was charmed with the concept and found myself wanting to live among those towering blue-skinned feline-faced and tailed creatures that were undeniably sexy in their own way. I loved the whole idea of connections in the world, and how everything has energy which it must use and create and that all elements are breathing and beating. Most of the film had quite a familiar foundation, I found many motives that matched those in movies like Pocahontas (even the hero Jake Sully's initials are the same as John Smith's) and Star Wars. I read an amazing critique by Jonathan Romney that stated "Avatar also creates a jungle-planet environment in astonishingly dense detail: every leaf, every droplet of water, every scale and hair on every bizarre creature is manufactured to order. The film is like an anti-Darwinist's wet dream of intelligent design." Other than that he commented about how kitsch the whole morality of the film was, and how it lacked in true ground-breaking imagination, which I totally agree with. But apart from the movie's many content-related faults, what was exhilarating was the imagery. Glow in the dark neon colours radiating from every plant and creature, it all seemed like some heavenly psychedelic trip into a pure spirited world. According to Romney the film is "Visually, the motion capture is seamless; the clarity of the 3D is remarkable, and it's all undeniably dazzling. Big Jim's Rainforest Adventure is like David Attenborough's Life on acid Рand pardon the clich̩, I do mean on acid. This is a neo-hippie experience par excellence: Pandora's fauna and landscapes, especially its extraordinary airborne mountains, will look oddly familiar to anyone who remembers the LP sleeves of Seventies prog-rock illustrator Roger Dean." I sat towards the front of the cinema with my friends, and when we looked behind us we burst out laughing. It was just rows and rows of people wearing thickly-rimmed 3D glasses with pink and green lenses, looking like mad ogling aliens. By the end of the three-hour picture I felt completely sick though, the whole three dimension aspect of things seems to make me a little nauseas.

Apart from wanting to be a blue alien and listening to the very epitome of pop (and quite camp pop at that) I am now part of the community, if that's what it is. It's this nothing-but-useless site where you can ask questions. Mine is, so if you want to ask me anything you can and it won't cause you any effort.

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