Thursday, December 3, 2009

december ember

I am utilizing this grossly empty void that has formed in my life for utter mental masturbation. If some illegitimate virus is attacking me physically, I will not be defeated mentally. I will develop my mind in all fields of knowledge that man has conquered, and when I reappear on the scene I shall be virus-free and pseudo-intellect.
To conclude my findings, on this voyage of worldliness and so forth, I now am aware that short dark hair and perfect white skin are in, and so are heavy leather boots. Indie music is too, all though you must not define the genre as such, because indie is 'undefinable', or at the least, 'cannot be labeled'. Nowadays what counts is your look, at least according to 'it-girl' 'it-boy' status, and that is because we are all so visually obsessed with eachother. We do shit that looks good on our résumé, and dress to look good on our facebook. I've learnt that saying nothing is sometimes better than saying something, as the pause in life adds a dramatic effect to the situation. Wet hair and drinking tea are good, and being in too much has been giving me severe writers-block as I haven't been able to write a single decent piece of shit for the last three weeks. I have turned to the culture's periphery for entertainment by surfing-and-turfing (basically, harassing) the web and watching b-list movies (Pretty in Pink – 80's influential or just no-point-at-all?). Oh, and learning to speak Skins lingo and now need someone to practice it with.
Mind you, I am no better than anything out there. I am one of the (insert insanely huge number here)'s of society's by-product. Or am I a consumer? Both, probably. I listen to all same crap you do, the same uber-alternative unknown bands. I probably know all the same facts as the next person; the dates of the major events and invasions of WWII and all my best mates' birthday. I think that if you sign in to someone else's youtube account and look up what is recommended for them on their homepage you can learn a lot more about them than a whole month of facebook stalking. Just saying. Anyway, what I'm really saying is, I need to get out.

On another note, what I have really learnt from all this, is that I shouldn’t bloody go around hooking up with every guy I meet. Nope, apparently kissing infects you with some complete mind-fucking Epstein-Barr virus and keeps you at home for a month at least.

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