Friday, December 11, 2009

vanished in smoke

I am going to invent an ever-lasting cigarette. It will have the classic cig look as you know it; a thin white sausage that fits snugly between your fingers with a burning ember at the tip emitting smoke. It works the usual way, you light it with a lighter while inhaling deeply and then simply puff away. The difference is that the white rolled paper doesn't burn and the sausage doesn't shrink. You can take as many drags as you like and the fag remains intact. You can stub it out but always relight and carry on smoking. This will eliminate the only problematic issue there is regarding smoking – the financial toll. This way every young rascal can afford to be a heavy-weight chain-smoker. Genius, isn't it? It's a shame everyone will die so young, so beautiful. Or maybe it isn't.

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